These People Who Went To The Freezing Cold Thanksgiving Parade Are Tougher Than Your Dry Turkey

Put your dry turkey (yes, it's dry) aside for a moment and behold the dedication.

It was in the 20s on Thanksgiving in New York City, with the wind chill between 10 and 15 degrees. These people who went to the parade are endurance ice bears who laugh at your complaints about ~family drama~. They didn't say these quotes, but we're sure they would have said something like it:

"Are your potatoes lumpy? That's cute."

"Is your uncle being mean? Aww."

"Did no one fave your awkward childhood photo tweet? Sad."

"I see you're hungover from hanging with high school 'friends' :("

"We see you brought your laundry back to your parents house!"

"Your cousins didn't leave any stuffing for you? Poor thing!"

"You got sent to the grocery store again? Waah!

"Sorry your turkey is dry even after all that basting!"

"Oh no ..... football is on!!!"

"Can't find the good angle for that table selfie? Watch and learn."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Stay warm!

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