These Are The Best Tweets About Philly While We Wait For The Election Votes To Be Counted

"Count every jawn"

I would like to get my journalistic bias out of the way right now: I am from Philly and it is the greatest city in America. The tweets I am including in this post are meant to reflect the awesomeness of the city that brought this nation liberty.

Anyway, the presidential race in Pennsylvania is extremely tight, and Joe Biden is gaining votes on Donald Trump seemingly every hour. Here, just look at this thread.

If Biden wins Pennsylvania — home of Philadelphia — he wins the election. If Trump wins Pennsylvania, his chances of reelection get better.

Pennsylvania officials are taking their time counting the votes — all mail-in at this point — because democracy is important and you just can't fuck this up.

A lot of those mail-in ballots going for Biden are expected to come from Philly. And this thrills Biden supporters so much that they are spending their precious time sitting around and remarking on the City of Brotherly Love on a social disinformation platform called Twitter.

Here are some of the best tweets, curated by me.

Let me just set the table with this tweet, which is factually accurate.

I can’t understand how anybody would want to fuck with Philadelphia. I have thousands of fears but Philadelphians are like number three on my list

Philly loves an underdog, just see how we suffer with our sports teams. So this one is next.

@Bdoza5 @reesetheone1 Philly coming in like.

Just look at this perfection. That is a to-scale model of Philadelphia City Hall on her head. This is how we go to vote.

Ballot boxes dancing to Missy Elliot is how Philadelphia is doing right now

This is very, very good advice, and is also factually accurate. I do six hours of MMA a night.

I would not fight the sweetest school teacher in Philly. Wouldn’t scrap with the most gentle librarian. They all do like six hours of MMA a night and will light a dumpster on fire and throw you in it. Whew. The ass beatings that the universe is lining up. My stars.

Philadelphians are brilliant, and the city is so old that we all know Latin.

Asked him what he was, he said “Squid Pro Quo”

My god, yes. DM me and I'll explain jawn.

I ♥️ Philly #FuckTrump #Loser

Re aforementioned MMA tweet:

This is also how we vote. (Michael wrote a great story about this, read it.)

Dr. J taught us how to deal with voter suppression.

@JuliusErving Philly bringing home the cup. @sixers @alwayssunny @PennsylvaniaGov #vote #VoteHimOut #VoteCount #vote2020

Gritty again.

And then a couple #gritty s joined the #counteveryvote party in Philly

This is how we deal with people who are peddling bullshit. (Read more!)

incredible job by the every vote counts protest across the road who pumped up Beyoncé’s Party so not one word could be heard of Pam Bondi’s speech

I showed you how we vote, this is how we count votes.

Coun. Every. Vote. This is how we do it in Philly⬇️

Also unfortunately true.

Vote count in Philly has been temporarily paused so workers can call in to WIP about Wentz's turnovers.

And this is how we prepare for a long night of vote counting.

Riding the good Philly feeling by eating a half a cheesesteak (whiz wit) and half an Italian hoagie for dinner tonight

In short, Philly to this election:

The person who created this, is right up there with Michaelangelo.

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