Here's How Hillary Clinton Reacted To Biden Not Running For President, According To The Internet


Vice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he will not seek the Democratic nomination to run for president.

If he did run, it would have posed a significant challenge to front-runner Hillary Clinton's bid.

Here's how the internet imagined Clinton's sigh of relief upon hearing Biden wouldn't challenge her:

hillary's reaction to joe biden revealing he won't be running for president in 2016!

Exclusive video of Hillary Clinton's reaction to Joe Biden's announcement:

Hillary's reaction #JoeBiden #HillaryClinton #Biden

Let's go live to @HillaryClinton, who's standing by with her reaction to this Joe Biden news. Hillary?

BREAKING: Live video of Hillary Clinton hearing Joe Biden won't run

RT @Bossip RT with Hillary Clinton's reaction to Joe Biden not running for president.

You get the idea.