Ebola Vaccine Could Come To West Africa By January 2015

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that a vaccine is in clinical trials and results will arrive around December. If all goes well, it will be put to use in early 2015.

Clinical trials of a potential Ebola vaccine are underway in Europe, Africa, and the U.S. and could be in use in the world's most affected regions by January 2015, World Health Organization (W.H.O.) officials said Tuesday.

Dr. Marie Paule Kieny, WHO assistant director-general, said at a news conference that her group will receive data about whether the vaccines are safe in December. If all goes well, the medicine could get "real-world use" in West Africa by early next year.

The first round would include tens of thousands of vaccines, Kieny said.

Dr Kieny: Initial data from the candidate #Ebola vaccine clinical trials are expected to be available in December

Dr Kieny: #Ebola vaccine [once clinical trials are completed] is expected to be use in West Africa early 2015

Dr Kieny: Normal development of a vaccine takes years. Development of #Ebola vaccines has been accelerated

Dr Kieny: Volunteers to the current candidate #Ebola vaccine clinical trials are healthy adults, 18-65 years old

Listen to audio from the press conference here:

w.soundcloud.com / Via Twitter: @WHO
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