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What Does Your Social Graph Really Look Like?

What do all those Facebook friendships and retweets look like when they're all mapped out? Either a plinko board, a chandelier or a jellyfish, depending on who you ask.

Posted on July 2, 2012, at 3:43 p.m. ET

LinkedIn Maps

This one looks like a jellyfish, and it's one of the better graphs we've seen. If you've got a LinkedIn profile, you can try it out yourself.

The Standard Issue Facebook Graph

This one looks like an erector set gone wrong — which is the look Facebook usually goes with when they're trying to explain the Open Graph.


Sometimes, your network looks like a Plinko board, at least according to this (sadly defunct) Facebook app from Paul Irish.


This is either a seashell or a sea urchin, depending on how much you're squinting. It was created with Curl, in case you want to take a shot at building your own.


This is most computery of the bunch, either an air traffic control screen or some kind of DOS-era war game. Try it out if you like.


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It's full of stars.


This Twitter map has been stripped down until it looks like a chandelier.


If it gets complex enough, the graph starts to look like a cloud, like this map of tweets and re-tweets from Recollect. Explore it here, or sign up to build your own once it comes out of beta.

A closer look.

The Homemade Twitter Graph

If you give it enough space, the graph starts to look astronomical, like planets or satellites in orbit, as in this open-source Python project from Martin Laprise.

The Complete Facebook Map

Or maybe it's just the Earth?