The Amazing Kreskin, Mind Reader, Says Mark Zuckerberg Will Step Down From Facebook Leadership

It's a powerful vote of no-confidence from a clairvoyant tech opinion leader.

Mark Zuckerberg gained a powerful detractor this week, as thought reader and talk-show staple The Amazing Kreskin spoke out publicly against Mark Zuckerberg's capacity as CEO.

"When people talk about Facebook as a company, you see an almost unconscious shrugness, like when you walk away from a machine that's collapsed," said Kreskin, who has appeared on 88 episodes of the Johnny Carson show. "I don't think he's aware of it, but he's sharp enough to realize that something's not right and he needs help." As a result, The Amazing Kreskin predicts that in six years' time, Zuckerberg will no longer be the CEO and public face of the company.

Kreskin's comments echo the concerns of other, equally well-informed tech pundits who have complained of Zuckerberg's "disdain for Wall Street" or stated simply that Zuckerberg "needs to get out of the way" — but none has brought to bear Kreskin's combination of business acumen and clairvoyance, nor his track record of having successfully predicted the outcomes of both the most recent Super Bowl and presidential election.

Facebook did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Despite his misgivings, Kreskin offered to assist Zuckerberg if he decides to respond. "I wouldn't solve everything," Kreskin told Buzzfeed, "but if he gave me 45 minutes, I think I could maybe enlighten what is going on."

Kreskin added, "I don't want anyone to think I'm shopping for that [meeting] because I'm not."

We'll update with more details as this story develops.

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