The 17 Coolest Things About Steve Jobs

None of this lame "visionary technologist" stuff. We're talking swear words, prank calls, and mustaches. You know, the cool stuff.

1. He Had A Sweet Mustache

Seriously, Look At That Thing

2. He Swore A Lot

3. His Dad Was a Repo Man

4. ...Who Also Made Lasers

5. He Had Kind Of A Syrian Cary Elwes Thing Happening For A While Too

6. He Drove A Silver Mercedes With No License Plate

7. Also, He Parked Wherever He Wanted

8. He Had a Thing With Joan Baez

9. He Priced His First Computer At $666.66

10. He Drank Ant Poison Once When He Was A Kid

11. He Used To Stick Pins Into Electrical Outlets Too

12. He Was Really Into This Beach Ball

13. He Hung Out In Pixar's Secret Room A Lot

14. He Raised Hell In School

15. Apple Co-Founder Woz Once Prank-Called the Pope, Pretending To Be Henry Kissinger

16. He Had A Sweet Apartment

17. He Didn't Shower Or Wear Deodorant

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