The 17 Coolest Things About Steve Jobs

None of this lame "visionary technologist" stuff. We're talking swear words, prank calls, and mustaches. You know, the cool stuff.

1. He Had A Sweet Mustache

Seriously, Look At That Thing

He was basically the Burt Reynolds of consumer technology.

2. He Swore A Lot

A lotta "F"s, in particular.

3. His Dad Was a Repo Man

4. ...Who Also Made Lasers

What does your dad do? Something less cool, right? Thought so.

5. He Had Kind Of A Syrian Cary Elwes Thing Happening For A While Too

6. He Drove A Silver Mercedes With No License Plate

He leased a new one every six months to avoid having to register. Pretty awesome.

7. Also, He Parked Wherever He Wanted

Okay, maybe not so cool.

8. He Had a Thing With Joan Baez

Maybe because she herself had a thing with Bob Dylan? It's weird, but definitely cool.

9. He Priced His First Computer At $666.66

Closet satanist? We'll let you decide.

10. He Drank Ant Poison Once When He Was A Kid

11. He Used To Stick Pins Into Electrical Outlets Too

12. He Was Really Into This Beach Ball

Who can blame him? It looks pretty cool from here.

13. He Hung Out In Pixar's Secret Room A Lot

It's a legit secret room, only accessible through a hidden hatch in an animator's office. Jobs loved it, and hung out there all the time. From Walter Isaacson: "It reminded him, he said, of the one that he and Daniel Kottke had at Reed, but without the acid."

So, less cool.

14. He Raised Hell In School

"You should have seen us in third grade," he once said. "We basically destroyed the teacher." Awesome.

15. Apple Co-Founder Woz Once Prank-Called the Pope, Pretending To Be Henry Kissinger

Jobs didn't make the call but he was in on it, which is still pretty cool.

(from iWoz)

16. He Had A Sweet Apartment

When he lived in New York, he lived in one of those towers. Pretty cool.

17. He Didn't Shower Or Wear Deodorant

He thought that because he was vegan, he was free of body odor. He was mistaken.