13 Poems That Will Move You

From verse about Columbus Day to trying to masturbate on election night — these poems have range.

"Barbershop" by Phillip B. Williams

"Record" by Danniel Schoonebeek

When The Therapist Asks You To Recount, You Have To Say It, by Aricka Foreman

"B.F.F.", by Hieu Minh Nguyen

"I Knew I Wasn't Poor," by Jan Beatty

Two Poems About A Controversial Emmett Till Painting by Rachel Eliza Griffiths

"On The Night Of The Election" by Franny Choi

"It's Not Fitness, It's A Lifestyle" by Nicole Sealey

"Buen Esqueleto" By Natalie Scenters-Zapico

Follow Him” By Jenny Zhang

"Living On Earth" By Alex Dimitrov

"Columbus" by Maggie Smith

"Cotton Candy" by Kaveh Akbar

"Woo Woo Roll Deep" by Angel Nafis

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