How Are Your Finances Right Now?

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The economic devastation wrought by the pandemic is hard to overstate. Unemployment is up to almost 15%, and some economists are warning that 43% of furloughed Americans may be unable to get those jobs back. Even before the recession, 40% of Americans were unable to secure $400 in the event of a financial emergency, and wage growth was largely stagnant. People are anxious about their economic future and radically rethinking how they spend their money.

We know a lot of people are struggling right now, and we’d like to encourage radical transparency here so that you — and others in your boat — might feel less alone. We’re looking for a wide range of people living in the US who are willing to share how much they are spending in a week for a story about how the recession has affected their finances. Please fill out this form in as much detail as you feel comfortable with sharing. We will not publish this information without your consent. We may follow up with you to see if you’d like to be featured in a future story. ●

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