How To Use The Word "Millennial" 20 Times In One Email

Marketers, management gurus and media chin-scratchers love to talk about the so-called millennial generation. Here's a PR pitch sent to BuzzFeed News that contains the word 20 times.

We may or may not be approaching Peak PR Pitch, but surely Peak Millennial is not far away. Marketers of all stripes seem to love the word more than ever, even if you'll rarely hear it coming from the mouth of an actual person in their twenties who isn't trying to sell something.

Here's a masterpiece of the genre: a 284-word PR pitch that drops the m-word 20 times. That makes the whole piece 7% millennial: a new benchmark for all that may follow.

-------- Original Message --------Subject: 5 Millennial Myths in WorkplaceTo: tom.gara@buzzfeed.comGood Afternoon Tom,I couldn't help but think … what's more perfect for a story on Millennials than an outlet who's primary consumer is a Millennial. I am a Millennial who loves the site and clicks on the links daily when I see them pop up on Facebook. I work with an expert in the fields of hiring, training and working with Millennials. Her name is Rose Ernst and she recently published an e-book, "Hiring Millennials: The Generation That Changes Everything."With that said - I thought there might be interest in a quick-hitting article that revolves around 5 Millennial Myths In The Workplace:"Meet your new co-workers: The Millennial Generation."By sheer number alone (90 million), they have the power to influence a major shift in the way we work. Five Millennial Myths In The Workplace-Millennials are The "Selfie" Generation-Millennials are Glued To Their Smartphones-Millennials aren't Loyal to a Company-Millennials Need Constant Reassurance and Direction-Millennials Bring Disruptive ChangeMyths Busted:-The typical Millennial worker is not "all about me." They want to be associated with a company brand that represents positive social values.-Millennials are Digital Natives - This comfort with automated tools gives them a natural ability to adopt new technology -systems software and tech skills - quickly.-Millennials are Loyal-Lite: Expect some turnover, but overall they are just as loyal as past generations.-Millennials are fueled by feedback and evaluation keeps them engaged.-Millennials are The New Intra-Preneurs: challenge traditional work model. Contrary to portrayal, most Millennials are respectful to senior staff and supervisors and obedient to company polices.
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