This Diabetes-Related Viral Tweet Shows How Clueless People Can Be

PSA: Try not to ask people with diabetes to skip checking their blood sugar, adjusting their insulin pump, or injecting insulin because you think it’s ~gross~.

Type 1 diabetes — although treatable — is a deadly and dangerous illness.

Meredith Barnes, a first-year at Texas Tech University, has had type 1 diabetes for 11 years. So when a classmate gave her a hard time about injecting insulin in class, she shared on Twitter.

gave myself my insulin shot yesterday in class & the girl next me said “can you like not do that right now” um no debra i’d like to live thx

A similar tweet then went viral, with 115,000 retweets and nearly half a million likes. And the thread is a great lesson in what not to say to someone with diabetes.

For example, try not to ask people to shut off their pump because it’s beeping. It’s not a cell phone y'all!

@AlyiahGonzales @mercurytommo @viccsilver @squashkittens @sophiamarianna1 @SamClark_23 One time my pump beeped duri…

And please, please, please don’t make rude comments.

@WesBrady @SamClark_23 Ive tested my sugar or given a shot in public and had people (strangers and people I know!)…

Let these people live. LITERALLY.

@alisonkate12 @OrbingPunk @WesBrady Its stupid, but their excuse is always like "needles bother me" or something li…

And if you are thinking “do they have to do that here?” the answer is YES.

@antdp425 @SamClark_23 Once someone asked me "Do you need to do that here?" while I was at McD's

If you find it "disgusting," it's simple: DON'T WATCH.

@hopethehippie @AlyiahGonzales @mercurytommo @viccsilver @squashkittens @sophiamarianna1 @SamClark_23 I was at work…

And try not to ask them to take their pump off.

@SamClark_23 My dads type 1 and when he was told to go through the X-Ray machine for TSA he told them it messed wit…

If anything, these are actually great opportunities to learn some things about diabetes, whether a person has type 1, gestational (which happens during pregnancy), or type 2, which is the most common type and may or may not be treated with insulin.

@iamdanjapan @hopethehippie @AlyiahGonzales @mercurytommo @viccsilver @squashkittens @sophiamarianna1 @SamClark_23…

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