Why I Will Be Buying CeraVe's New Makeup Removing Balm This Fall

The dermatologist-loved skin care brand just launched a cleansing balm that dissolves away makeup and sunscreen – without any greasy residue.

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My skin type is what started my love affair with the dermatologist-favored offerings of CeraVe, the no-fuss brand that has achieved a cult-like status in the beauty industry, especially among those with sensitive skin like myself.

I have faithfully kept CeraVe’s products in rotation for years, specifically because they have actually worked to address the cause of my skin sensitivity: a compromised skin barrier. Every CeraVe formulation contains three essential ceramides that mimic lipids in the skin in order to strengthen and maintain barrier function. This has not only resulted in less dryness, redness and flare-ups, but it has made my skin feel genuinely healthy as well.

Therefore, when I heard about their newly-launched $10 makeup-removing cleansing balm, I immediately added it to my list of fall skin care must-haves.

You can buy CeraVe Cleansing Balm from Amazon for around $10.

If your facial cleansing routine looks anything like mine, you’ve probably already made the switch from aggressive makeup wipes to the gentle, nourishing and far more effective powers of a cleansing balm. These solid-to-oil products, which often contain skin care ingredients, have been an absolute game-changer in the way that I pre-cleanse my face. This is largely because my sensitive, red and eczema-plagued skin was always worsened by the abrasive tug of wipes that actually never really removed anything.

While this particular balm isn’t radically different from the vast selection of options already on the market, it is an outlier in that it boasts CeraVe’s signature ceramide-rich formula, which I personally haven’t found even in higher-end brands. Plus, the non-comedogenic formula contains plant-based jojoba oil to help skin retain moisture and leave it feeling smooth as it cleans.

Like most cleansing balms, just apply a dime-sized amount onto a dry face, then work the balm into the skin until the waxy texture turns into an oil that gently melts away everything from waterproof mascara to occlusive sunscreens and stubborn foundations. After a few minutes of massaging, rinse thoroughly, then follow up with any cleanser of your choice, like the CeraVe hydrating cleanser (my personal favorite) which turns into a milky jelly on the skin, or their salicylic foaming wash that’s perfect for the acne-prone.

Above, you can pick up a jar for yourself just in time for the drying conditions of fall and beyond.

Here are some promising reviews from Amazon:

“I’m absolutely not a makeup expert. one of my biggest peeves is finding remover that doesn’t feel like its stripping my skin. Also, I’m a skeptic when I see ‘new trends’. I want results and value for my money. So I felt some type of way when I saw some TikTok dermatologist recommend this product, but, it’s awesome and I will never be without it again. It’s a small container, but I can remove every bit of my day’s look with a super small amount of this product. I rub it in, jump in the shower and wash off with the same brand of Foaming Face Wash and its done! My face feels soft and not like sandpaper.” –– HeatFan

“I love this product! I had no idea CeraVe made a balm. It takes allll my makeup off. I use it as my first cleanser then follow it up with a second cleanse. It’s moisturizing and a little goes a long way! Really love this. Highly recommend!” –– Christina Chouinard

“This stuff got rid of every trace of waterproof makeup. Typically waterproof makeup removers and cleansing balms will still leave behind a stain of waterproof liquid lipstick this took it all off with no stain left behind. Yes it is a small jar but you only need a tiny amount. On top of that it is the only cleansing balm I have tried that did not melt into an oily mess in 100+ degree heat in Arizona.” –– Shannon

“I use balms as a makeup remover and this one does not disappoint. A little goes a long way- removes waterproof mascara gently and my skin feels soft and cared for. I follow with a second cleanse with the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser which is simply comforting, economical and effective. I have used some other balms but this one impresses because it’s effective and economical.” –– amazonfan

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