OMG This Store’s Shopping Baskets Are Actually Genius

Consider the game changed.

Anyone who's ever set foot in a store knows that salespeople are an irreplaceable part of the shopping experience — but sometimes, you're just browsing and minding your own business.


Enter these genius shopping baskets — the ones on the left have a green tag indicating that you don't need any assistance, and the ones on the right have an orange tag alerting salespeople that you do need help.

The baskets are used at a location of Innisfree, a Korean beauty store with locations in several Asian countries. According to a user on Reddit, where the photo was posted, they solve a problem that's prevalent in those stores.

Some Redditors pointed out the potential issues of the game-changing baskets. For instance, the store may run out of one kind during busy hours.

Another person wondered what would happen if a green-basketed shopper suddenly had a question for a salesperson.

It's not a perfect system, but if it saves certain people from interactions like these, it can definitely be considered a win.

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