People Are Crushing Apples With Their Bare Hands Because Of This UFC Fighter

#SuperSageAppleChallenge has me worried for everyone's palms.

This is Sage Northcutt. As you might guess from his ripped physique, he's a UFC fighter.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

As you might not guess, he really likes crushing apples and ripping them in half with his bare hands, and he's not afraid to show it.

I want to see who can Rip some Apples! #SuperSage

Look at that carnage.

Northcutt even crushed an apple for Chrissy Teigen's birthday — which she loved, by the way — and now, he wants all of us to get in on it, too.

This is for Chrissy Teigen's Birthday! Who can crush an Apple like this? Happy Birthday @chrissyteigen

Northcutt has been encouraging fans to share videos of their apple destruction with #SuperSageAppleChallenge, and amazingly, even non-MMA masters have been showing off the fruits of their labor.

@sagenorthcutt #SuperSageAppleChallenge

Hopefully, he still has nerve endings in his palms.

This woman succeeded, and ravaged an apple right in front of its family.

Hey @sagenorthcutt #SuperSage, challenge accepted. Chicks can rip apples too! 💪🏽😉🍎 @chrissyteigen @ninjawarrior

And this guy crushed dem apples with just one hand.

#supersageapplechallenge #onehanded couldn't figure out how to auto record so I had to do it with one hand.

Not everyone has palms of steel, though. This woman tried mightily to rip her apple in half, to no avail.

hey @sagenorthcutt @chrissyteigen i attempted the #SUPERSAGEAPPLECHALLENGE notice me, sensai !!!!!

The feats of strength have caused some concern, particularly over the blatant waste of produce.

Why waste food for cyber attention? Donating apples would have been a much more impressive challenge. #supersageapplechallenge

While it's unclear what apples have ever done to Northcutt to deserve this, he's pushing on with his challenge full steam ahead — and promising to send autographed pictures to some of his favorite submissions.