Weekend Reads: Led Zeppelin, Lesbian Rom Coms, And North Dakota

Our special guest this week is BuzzFeed India’s social news reporter Andre Borges talking about some of his favorite stories he’s read recently.

“The Unoriginal Originality of Led Zeppelin”: This brilliant piece about music copyright infringement talks about various cases between artists. It argues that if Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is plagiarized, “so is a good portion of the classical canon.”

“In A World Lacking Lesbian Rom Coms, I Made My Own”: A woman who’s fed up with seeing gay relationships take the sidelines in romantic comedies decided to write her own web series, featuring a group of New York-based queer women in their twenties. In this first-person essay, Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, the creator of the show, describes coming out to a friend, experiencing the confusion that stems from coming out, and the final acceptance of her own sexuality.

“Netflix and Ch-Ch-Chilly”: A writer from a small town called Napoleon, Dakota, describes how the internet has changed his once isolated and cozy town into one that’s connected to the outside world every second of every day. Although the piece is long, it grips you like a suspense novel would.

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