Masked White Supremacists Gave The Nazi Salute At A Texas School

Members of a white nationalist group posed racist and homophobic fliers across the Southern Methodist University campus.

Masked members of a white supremacist group hung racist banners and signs and gave the Nazi salute at the Southern Methodist University in Texas on Sunday.

The signs — one of which said, "White men! Save your people. Reject the opioid beast!" — were posted by the Texas Vanguard, a part of Vanguard America which is a white supremacist group that frequently targets campuses across the country in an attempt to recruit students.

One flier posted outside a campus building also referred to the opioid crisis saying, "protect white lives now," while an anti-LGBT poster was titled "misplaced pride."

Another flier said "reclaim America" and "no more tolerance, no more diversity," the Daily Campus reported.

University police is investigating the incident, which SMU said appears "to be part of a campaign by an outside group."

Vanguard America, a self-proclaimed fascist group that opposes multiculturalism, most recently made headlines for its involvement in the violent alt-right rallies in Charlottesville.

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