People Are Sharing Terrifying Videos Of Driving Through A Raging Hillside Fire

A fast-moving brushfire erupted near the 405 Freeway and the Getty Center in Southern California.

A 50-acre brushfire erupted along the 405 Freeway in Southern California early Wednesday morning, threatening nearby structures and the landmark Getty Center.

#BREAKING Fire right along the 405 freeway. Southbound open, northbound closed @ABC7 #abc7eyewitness

The fast-moving hillside fire prompted the complete closure of the 405 Freeway and mandatory evacuations of residents in Bel-Air whose homes were dangerously close to the flames.

New SoCal fire burning along the 405 just north of #Brentwood. Fire is growing rapidly and near heavily populated…

The so-called Skirball Fire began early Wednesday morning near the Skirball Cultural Center and the Getty Center. No injuries were reported, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

People shared terrifying videos of driving on the 405 Freeway with the fire engulfing the hillside around them.

More than 220 firefighters battled the fire, which was growing with winds over 25 mph, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

Avoid the 405 freeway near the Getty center. Northbound and southbound. #GettyFire.

Many were concerned about how close the flames were to the Getty Center, a campus of the Getty Museum that is famous for its art, architecture, gardens, and spectacular views of Los Angeles.

Fire right now on the 405, across the street from the Getty Center 💔 this is heartbreaking. Uber driver tells me th…

The Getty Center said it was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday "to protect the collections from smoke from fires in the region."

The landscape literally looked hellish.

Los Angeles near the Getty Center looks like Mordor right now.

This is fine.

"Not the typical morning commute."

This is My drive to work this. Lord “Be still”. Praying 🙏 for ppl up in those mountains, LA County and myself this…

"Never seen such a huge natural fire up close," one person said.

5AM. Completely stopped on the 405. Never seen such a huge natural fire up close. Humbled.

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