U.S. Front Pages On Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination


1. New York Daily News

Today's front page... HER! @HillaryClinton makes history as first female prez nominee https://t.co/5GZL0Gm9n6

2. New York Post

Today's cover: Hillary's nomination a win 96 years in the making https://t.co/tbIxI85bbq

3. The New York Times

The front page of The New York Times for Wednesday, June 8.

4. The Washington Post

Today's @washingtonpost front page: "Clinton celebrates victory"

5. The Wall Street Journal

Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal https://t.co/5xQPDPcm8q

6. Los Angeles Times

First look @LATimes A1: Clinton makes history, wins the Democratic nomination; race for the White House set

7. San Francisco Chronicle

Check out The Chronicle #Election2016 front page, with #Clinton claiming her place in history.

8. Star Tribune

'Clinton steps into history' leads the front page of Wednesday's @StarTribune:

9. The Philadelphia Inquirer

On Wednesday's Philadelphia Inquirer front page, Clinton hails a milestone victory. #NJPrimary

10. The Boston Globe

In today’s Globe: Shirley Leung on the legal gender gap, Boston to host climate summit, more https://t.co/bRJY7jG52Q

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