Trump Supporters Use Photos Of South Korean Soccer Fans To Encourage Voters To Wear Red

Some supporters are heeding the call to wear red on Election Day, but Trump memes are actually using photos of soccer fans in South Korea and political protesters in Thailand.

Donald Trump supporters are encouraging voters to wear red to polling booths on Election Day to somehow avoid voter fraud and to show their support for the candidate.

@jerilynw728 Stop Vote Fraud by Wearing Red for Trump at the Polls Nov 8th Take Pics and Vids of others in Red #MAGA

Several pro-Trump Twitter accounts have tweeted memes showing a sea of people in red to encourage voters to wear the color to their polling booths.

🚨REMEMBER: Wear RED tomorrow and VOTE TRUMP...If you have any interesting pics to share on this, send them my way.…

"Get ready to #WearRedForTrump on 11/8," one Trump supporter tweeted with a photo showing a huge crowd of people in red.

Get ready to #WearRedforTrump ON 11/8

One of the photos used in pro-Trump memes is a photo showing South Korean soccer fans — nicknamed the "Red Devils" — gathered in Seoul to watch the 2002 FIFA World Cup game between South Korea and the US in 2002.

Another meme encouraging Trump voters to wear red uses a photo showing anti-government "Red Shirt" protesters in Thailand in 2010, marking the fourth anniversary of a 2006 military coup which toppled Thailand's prime minister.

Though there weren't any apparent seas of red on social media, several Trump supporters wore the color to vote.