Trump Campaign Will Release "Evidence" To Refute Sexual Assault Allegations

Mike Pence said the campaign is working to release evidence that will back Donald Trump's denial of several recent allegations of sexual assault.

The Trump campaign is working to release "evidence" that will refute several recent allegations of sexual assault against the presidential nominee, his running mate, Mike Pence, told Fox & Friends on Friday.

.@mike_pence reveals the Trump campaign is working on releasing evidence to debunk accusations of sexual assault

Pence told the Today Show that the "evidence" disproving the allegations was coming in "frankly, probably, a matter of hours."

After the release of a 2005 video where Trump implied he kissed and groped women without consent, several women have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior.

Two women told the New York Times that Trump touched them inappropriately, while a former People magazine writer said Trump forcibly kissed her at Mar-a-Lago while she was there to interview him and his then-pregnant wife, Melania Trump, on their first wedding anniversary in 2005. Another woman told the Palm Beach Post that Trump had groped her during a 2003 event at Mar-a-Lago.

BuzzFeed News also published accounts from four Miss Teen USA pageant contestants who said Trump walked into their dressing room in 1997 while they were changing clothes.

Trump has denied the allegations and also threatened to sue the New York Times.

On Friday, Pence blamed the media for "chasing after these unsubstantiated allegations."