Here Were Some Of The Intensely Awkward Moments During Trump's Phone Call With The Mexican President

"A hug from you would be very nice."

President Trump on Monday spoke to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on a somewhat awkward televised conference call during the announcement of a new trade deal with Mexico in place of NAFTA.

For one whole excruciating minute, Trump — who mistakenly thought Nieto was already on the line — struggled with the speakerphone to try to connect to the Mexican president. it me you're looking for?

"I believe the president is on the phone........................Enrique?"

As cameras rolled, Trump pressed buttons on the speakerphone and repeatedly said, "Hello?"

"You can hook him up," he told an aide. "You tell me when."

He then asked an aide to patch Nieto through another phone.

"It's a big thing. A lot of people waiting," Trump told the room.

Then for several minutes — which felt like an eternity — Trump sat silently as Nieto and his translator talked on the speakerphone.

Just two minutes of Trump listening to the president of Mexico talking via speakerphone on national television

TFW your mom is lecturing you on the phone and you can't get a word in.

Nieto then suggested a "good toast with tequila" with Trump — who is a teetotaler.

The Mexican president also offered "an affectionate hug" to Trump, who ended the call with "A hug from you would be very nice."

Several people commented that the call felt like it was straight out of a scene of HBO's political satire Veep.

Today on "Veep": “A hug from you will be very nice,” the president said as he repeatedly tried to hang his own phone up.

And someone perfectly set the conversation's most awkward moment to the Veep theme song.

Trump trying to get Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on the phone was crying out for the Veep treatment.

It also went perfectly well with the classic Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song.

UM YOU GUYS it works with the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song too, this is amazing

After the call, Trump also sat silently with his arms crossed when asked to address Sen. John McCain's death.

Pres Trump declined to answer questions at the end of the announcement. Was asked to reflect on the legacy of Sen. McCain, but declined. Sat silent and cross-armed as press pool herded out of the Oval Office.

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