A Guy Allegedly Punched His Mother After She Hid The Toilet Paper Because He Was Using Too Much

The 26-year-old California man was arrested and charged with battery.

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A 26-year-old man in California allegedly punched his mother for hiding toilet paper from him during the coronavirus lockdown, authorities said.

Adrian Yan was arrested and charged with battery on Monday after an argument over toilet paper escalated into a physical confrontation at the family's house in Saugus, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Shirley Miller told BuzzFeed News.

Yan wanted toilet paper and started getting upset with his mother because she was hiding it, Miller said.

The mother, who is in her forties, hid the toilet paper because her son was using "too much," according to Miller.

"Things kind of escalated," Miller said. Yan allegedly punched his mother in the face after which she placed a private person's arrest on him.

Santa Clarita Valley sheriff's deputies responded to a call about a family disturbance at the residence at 3 a.m. on Monday and arrested Yan. His mother's injuries were not serious and she declined any medical attention, Miller said.

Authorities have seen an uptick in family disturbance calls during the stay-at-home order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Family disturbance calls can start out over small things, and then they escalate. Deputies responded to call where family members were arguing w/ each other because one felt the other one hid toilet paper. It turned into physical confrontation. One got arrested.

"People are cooped up together and getting on each other's nerves," Miller said.

However, many of the calls are verbal arguments between family members and are not deemed to be crimes.

Miller said that this was the first time she had heard of a family disturbance call over toilet paper that resulted in an arrest.

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