Thousands Of Students Across U.S. Stage Mass Walk Out For Ferguson

Schools and work places across the country took part in the massive #HandsUpWalkout movement today.

Thousands of students from schools across the U.S. staged a massive walkout Monday in solidarity with Ferguson and other communities affected by police violence.

Yale students in 4.5 minutes of silence for the 4.5 hours Michael Browns body was left in the street. #handsupwalkout

The #HandsUpWalkout movement, organized by the Ferguson Action group, called on people to mobilize in the wake of a grand jury's decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed black teen, Michael Brown.

In a statement, Ferguson Action said:

In the wake of events in the last weeks, including the non-indictment in the killing of Mike Brown and the senseless killings of Akai Gurley in New York and 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, our communities are hurting and justifiably angered. What gives us hope in this moment of pain and anguish is the thousands of people who have poured into the streets of America to demand change.

From the #ShutItDown actions that have blocked major highways and intersections to the #BlackoutBlackFriday protests,the message is clear: No more business as usual. We can no longer do what we have always done and cooperate with a system that does not respect Black Lives. We will only get the change we want if we disrupt the daily order and insists that Black Lives Matter. If that means shutting down the entire country, that's what we'll do.

Here are some of the schools and cities that staged the walkout for Ferguson.

Harvard Law School, MA.

Harvard protestors crowd at the Law School to rally against the #Ferguson decision, yelling "no justice, no peace."

4.5 min "die-in" begins, representing the 4.5 hrs Michael Brown's body lay in the street before it was take #Ferguson

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, MA.

So inspired by these HS-ers #CambridgeRingeLatin and Harvard students. Shut it down!! #HandsUpWalkout #HLS #hgse

Harvard Graduate School of Education, MA.

Protestors at the graduate school of education begin their walk to protest #Ferguson, yelling "hands up don't shoot."

#HandsUpWalkout at the education school @hgse @OBS_StL

Protestors blockade Mass Ave in response to #Ferguson decision

#HandsUpWalkout #shutdownmassave #shutdownharvard #CambridgeRingeLatin #hgse #hls

University of Rochester, NY.

University of Rochester walkout #HandsUpWalkout @BLACKlife585 @DinasTestimony

Bard High School, NY.

The kids are alright. A big group of students from Bard HS just showed up for #HandsUpWalkout in Union Square.

New York City, New York

The crowd gathering for #HandsUpWalkout #PoliceBrutality at UnionSquare, N.Side; #NYC v. @StopMotionsolo @70torinoman

Right now at the #HandsUpWalkout rally in Union Square. #Ferguson

Right now, in front of the DOJ building, leading a chant in a sacred space created by crowd. #handsupwalkout

Union Sq. #HandsUpWalkout Right Now. #Ferguson #TamirRice

Some of the Raging Grannies lead the #HandsUpWalkout march from Union Square, #NY

Yale University, CT.

#HandsUpWalkOut protest on Yale campus

it is our duty to fight for our freedom.

Georgia State University, GA.

#HandsUpWalkout #ShutItDownATL Now in the GSU courtyard.

Wake Forest University, NC.

#HandsUpWalkout at Wake Forest University #wfu

Students, faculty & staff participate in 4.5 minutes of silence; body outlines drawn in chalk #HandsUpWalkout #wfu

Texas A&M University, TX.

Beginning a March across campus #handsupwalkout #Aggies Texas A&M

#handsupwalkout #HandsUpDontShoot #Aggies Texas A&M

Hyde Park Cluster of Theological Schools, IL.

Hyde Park theology students marching through Hyde Park. #HandsUpWalkOut #Ferguson

Now on HP Blvd walking toward POTUS home. #HandsUpWalkOut #Ferguson Lutheran School of Theology.

Washington University, MO.

#HandsUpWalkOut at Washington University in St. Louis right now

#WUSTL #HandsUpWalkOut marching out of Holme's Lounge. God yall are beautiful.

Louisiana State University, LA.

A baby and his mother participate in the die-in @lsureveille

Wheaton College, IL.

Incredible display of solidarity here at @WheatonCollege. We come together b/c #BlackLivesMatter. #HandsUpWalkout

Witnessing students lay on the floor of @WheatonCollege for 4.5 minutes for #MikeBrown. #HandsUpWalkout #Ferguson

University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.

4.5 minute moment of silence in memory of #MichaelBrown @UMassAmherst #HandsUpWalkout

Jackson State University, MS.

Hundreds of students at JSU join nationwide Ferguson protest. #HandsUpWalkout

#HandsUpWalkOut JSU students walkout in support of Michael Brown.

Brandeis University, MA.

.@BrandeisU students stand up against police brutality and laws that legitimize violence & inequality #HandsUpWalkout

Boston University, MA.

Scene from die in at BU for #HandsUpWalkout @BLM_Boston

BU and students from surrounding schools taking Commonwealth Ave. to march for Mike Brown #HandsUpWalkout

Johnson Senior High School, MN.

Organizers of student walkout at Johnson HS say police violence is a nationwide problem. #handsupwalkout

Brookline High School, MA.

Minutes of silence at Brookline High #HandsUpWalkOut

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