Many People Are Very Sad That Joe Biden Is Not Running For President

"Think of all the ice-cream photo ops we'll never get to see."

Vice President Joe Biden was about to make a statement on Wednesday.

Biden announcement will come at 12:10 ET

People immediately began to speculate as to what the announcement could ~really~ be about.

BIDEN: "I have an announcement to make. But first, a few thousand words on the new Star Wars trailer."

Joe Biden is about to announce that he's not your uncle, dammit

There were some references to Back to the Future.

After Joe Biden announces he's not running, he's going to get into the DeLorean DMC-12, go back to the future, and announce that he is.

Joe Biden's current presidential run would take place in The Future. His first took place 2 years BEFORE the movie came out. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Correction: Many references to Back to The Future.

Joe Biden announcing Back to the Future marathon at his place, urges American people to "bring guac".

Joe Biden to announce that he hasn't seen any of the Back To The Future movies

But the suspense was soon over: Joe Biden announced he was not running for president.

:( RT @AP BREAKING: Joe Biden announces he won't run for president.

Many people on the internet were understandably sad...

Very sad to hear Joe Biden announce that he won't be running for president. I love Uncle Joe & was excited to support him. We love you Joe!

For a wide variety of reasons.

I'm sad that Joe Biden isn't running. Think of all the ice-cream photo ops we'll never get to see.

So much lost potential...

Really sad we won't get to watch Biden & Trump debate now. That would have been truly drinking-game-worthy.

Though I’m sad to miss out on a world of Biden uncomfortably snuggling world leaders, this is the right call.

Some were especially concerned with how Leslie Knope would take the news.

I'm sure Joe Biden announcing he will not run for President just made Leslie Knope pretty sad #ParksandRec

Some thought of expressing their emotions through Biden fanfic.

I'm so sad. Time to start that Biden fan fiction.

People felt betrayed.


I feel sooooo sad right now... I really wanted Uncle Joe to run. I will miss you @VP Biden!!! #RidinWithBidenForever

People love Uncle Joe.

LOVE you @VP Biden! Stand up guy! @JoeBiden

Their hearts were broken.

October 21, 2015 - The day Joe Biden officially broke my heart

But the news must have made at least one person very happy.

Joe Biden may never be the President of the United States of America BUT...

Joe Biden: I am not running, and now I must go, think of me often


Joe Biden still the president of your mom's heart though

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