The Best And Worst Places To Be A Woman

According to The Global Gender Gap Report 2013, Iceland has the narrowest gender gap among 136 countries. The U.S. ranks 23rd on the list.

For the fifth year running, Iceland is rated as the country with the narrowest gender gap. This means women in Iceland have greater access to health and education, and are more politically and economically empowered than women in other countries.

The Global Gender Gap Index measures and ranks 136 countries on one important aspect of gender equality — the relative gaps between women and men across four key areas: health, education, economics and politics.

The overall gender gap narrowed slightly across the globe in 2013, as 86 of 133 countries showed improvements.

The top five countries with the smallest gender gap were Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Philippines. The U.S., which was 23rd on the list, has a wider gender gap than Cuba and Canada.

Here's how women fare in 12 countries across the world.

Iceland #1

United Kingdom #18

United States #23

Russian Federation #61

Brazil #62

China #69

India #101

United Arab Emirates #109

Côte d'Ivoire #131

Syria #133

Pakistan #135

Yemen #136 (Lowest rank)

Here are the top 20 countries with the smallest gender gap.