The 19 Weirdest Craigslist Ads Of 2013

Where can one get a stranger's belly button lint, you ask? There's a chance not all of these are genuine.

1. Canoe-rowing dwarf.

2. Jobs seeker.

3. An older man for Valentine's Day.

4. Room for rent: The cupboard under the stairs.

5. "Hot, discrete shovel and go" fantasy.

6. Who needs a kitchen?

Rent is $600 to live in this L.A. house that "IS LIVABLE FOR NOW." The ad says the bathroom is almost remodeled.

It does not mention the toilet in the living room.

7. Belly button lint: A collector's dream.

8. Human-size hamster wheel.

9. Extremely "long tongue females."

10. Live party ducks.

11. Table of solid wood.

12. This.

13. Comic Con missed connection.

14. Prison pen-pal.

15. Shitty first date.

16. "Wake up with makeup with natural looking permanent makeup."

17. Work of tart.

18. Good times with Peanut.

19. Anonymous impregnator of ladies.

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