People In Texas Are Demanding Their Own Brexit


Last night, while America slept, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum that has caused a bit of a stir in the world.

west coast waking up to #brexit news like

People in the U.S. had some feelings about Brexit.

as an american, when you know you should care about #brexit but aren't exactly sure why

But someone posed this very important question.

To which the answer was...

After #Brexit, will our friends in the Lone Star state start looking into #Texit


The next big change will be #Texit when Texas secedes from the USA and becomes the Republic of Texas.

The Brexit movement renewed hope for some people who want Texas to secede from the U.S.

Hey Texas -- did you see what the British just did? #freedom

Alright Britain, well done. Texas, it's your turn.

And thus #Texit was born.

Texas Independence! Britain has shown us when given the choice, Freedom will prevail! #Texit

#Brexit is a victory for freedom and democracy. Congratulations UK! Now if we can just get a #Texit referendum.

I already have my 1978 #Texit bumper sticker by my desk

The state's secessionist movement is small, but has been growing increasingly mainstream. In May, the secessionists almost got away with making Texas Republicans vote on their cause.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that secession was unconstitutional in a 1869 case involving Texas.

The president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, a decades-old organization committed to demanding "the political, cultural and economic independence of Texas," called on Texans to be inspired by Brexit and "fight for the right to become a self-governing nation."

Facebook: thetexiandm

And many people heeded his call.

Still rooting for a #Texit vote!!!! Get your shit together Texans!!!!

Watching a lawless Imperial Presidency and think there's no way out? #Brexit has shown us it's our choice! #Texit

The Brits are onto something. Perhaps some of our states & commonwealths can follow suit. Texas gotta go first tho. #Brexit #Texit

Some people literally pleaded to make #Texit happen.

Please please please now can we have a vote for Texas to leave the US? #Texit

Many took their pleas straight to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

#Texit, pretty please... @GovAbbott

#Texit Good Morning @GregAbbott_TX! Can we follow the UK & Get out of dodge? #NoMoreExcuses #OurTurn

A lot of people were totally into the idea of #Texit.

Texas can leave. I made it here, already. #Texit

Including this guy who unsuccessfully ran for Congress.

I look forward to a strong free trade agreement between Texas and Britain. #Texit #Brexit

Some people took it a little further.

Now, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma secede and form a new country called the United States of Awesome! #Texit.

Others took it TOO far.

Perfect idea that solves everyone's problems. Draft Texas Secessionists as the first Mars colonists. #texit

This man really had hope, that one day, Texit would be a reality.

For Americans, #brexit has inspired hope that perhaps one day, after all the talk, we may finally see #Texit

And this guy was just like BYEEEEE TEXAS.

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