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These Jokes About Kim Davis's Sweater May Have Been The Highlight Of The State Of The Union

Sweater of the Union.

Posted on January 13, 2016, at 11:07 a.m. ET

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk once imprisoned for denying marriage licenses after same-sex marriage was legalized, attended Tuesday's State of the Union address.

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

As President Obama delivered his final address to Congress, Twitter users were somewhat distracted by Davis's sartorial choices.

it's nice that Kim Davis broke out a fancy sweater for the State of the Union

whoever told Kim Davis the #SOTU was just a big ugly Christmas sweater party is COLD, man

People really knitpicked that sweater...

Pretty sure Kim Davis is hiding a bunch of prejudiced cats under that sweater.


They thought she looked threadbare...

Kim Davis' political views are as outdated as her sweater choice for tonight's #SOTU.

A good yarn was had...

When you hate gays but the AIDS Memorial Quilt looks too good on you #SOTU

The threads were pulled apart...

Kim Davis' sweater looks like if gay men ejaculated Skittles.

The memes unraveled...

i like to believe kim davis is still just suuuuper into that gem sweater meme from 1999 or whenever


The Cosby comparisons unspooled...

It was great to see Kim Davis show up at the State of the Union wearing her best Bill Cosby sweater. #SOTU #kimdavis

The wildest twist during 2nte's #SOTU address was finding out Kim Davis drugged Cosby and stole his sweater.

But perhaps the sweater could stitch the country together in a way the president has been unable to?

#SOTU sadly the only thing everyone in that room can agree on is Kim Davis' ugly sweater.

Kim Davis’s sweater wins SOTU fashion watch. Not even close.


Notorious K.I.M.

Nobody talking about how much Kim Davis's vintage Coogi sweater cost tho

Kim Davis in a Coogi sweater & Snooki's "bump-it" I can't with her!

The Sweater of the Union is strong.