People Were Pissed At This "Sexist" Tweet About An Olympic Winner

"Finally a girl has no name."

Corey Cogdell-Unrein of Team USA won the bronze medal in women's trap shooting in Rio on Sunday. This was the second Olympic bronze medal for the three-time Olympian.

She also happens to be married to Chicago Bears lineman Mitchell Unrein.

Today was a GREAT day! So proud of my amazing wife! @CoreyCogdell #hardworkpaysoff #RioOlympics2016

In a tweet announcing Cogdell-Unrein's victory in Rio on Sunday, the Chicago Tribune chose to call her "wife of a Bears' lineman" without naming her.

Wife of a Bears' lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics

And people really let the Tribune have it.

@chicagotribune Her name is Corey Cogdell. Who her husband is doesn't matter. SAY HER NAME. Go on, TWEET HER NAME. Redo that tweet.

They were mad that the newspaper did not use her name in the tweet, although the article's headline named her.

@chicagotribune Shouldn't you use her name? She is an Olympic athlete or does it not count if she is married?

"If winning her own Olympic medal doesn't get her own headline, what will?"

@chicagotribune If winning her own Olympic medal doesn't get a woman her own headline, what will?!

"Wow if only she had a name or something like a man."

@chicagotribune wow if only she had a name or something like a man


@chicagotribune what is her NAME and what is her SPORT tell us and then DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT

"A sexist mess."

@chicagotribune Oooh, you're gonna learn today, guys. That hed is a sexist mess.

Some chose a popular Game of Thrones line to make a point.

@jeffzentner *signs marriage license* 🙄

Others "fixed" the Tribune's tweet.

Hey @chicagotribune, I fixed your tweet. (p.s. Maybe edit the article to focus on her achievements?) #Olympics

You spelled "3-time Olympian Corey Cogdell-Unrein wins second bronze medal today in Rio Olympics" wrong.

People laid the sarcasm on thick.

Wow what a time to be alive, they're allowing WIVES out of houses to WIN things like Olympic MEDALS

@chicagotribune but what does her dad do? Or her brother? I need to know more about this Olympian's male relatives!

"You left out 'pretty'. 'Pretty wife......'"

@chicagotribune You left out 'pretty'. 'Pretty wife......'

@chicagotribune When that Bears linesmen wins something let the headlines read "Husband of Rio medalist makes a tackle." Seems fair, no?

After the backlash, the Tribune replied to its own tweet, this time naming Cogdell-Unrein and mentioning her Olympic feats.

Corey Cogdell-Unrein won the bronze medal in women's trap shooting. It's her second Olympic bronze.

But the damage was already done.

@chicagotribune she has a name!?

Responding to angry users who demanded that Tribune delete the first tweet, the newspaper's social media editor said, "We don't delete tweets for transparency's sake."

In a tweet Monday, the Tribune acknowledged that Cogdell-Unrein was "awesome on her own" and that they "focused too hard" on trying to emphasize her "local connection" to Chicago.

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