Rudy Giuliani Basically Screamed At Everyone At The Republican Convention

"Why is Rudy Giuliani screaming at me?" —Everyone

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday night.

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And he was very, VERY excited about Donald Trump.

In fact, he was a little too excited.

Rudy Giuliani never sounded anywhere near this excited about his own presidential campaign.

Rudy still looking for a state he can win in the 2008 primaries

His fiery speech drew some interesting comparisons.

Rudy Giuliani really nailing this King Lear audition

Rudy Giuliani is going full Network monologue

Rudy giving off a little bit of a bath salts zombie vibe here.

Poor Rudy got so caught up in his speech that he mixed up his top from his bottom.

Holy shit, poor Rudy doesn't know what top, bottom or middle mean.

But literally everyone had the same question:



Giuliani is literally screaming his speech.


It's only night one, Rudy.

Wait, i know im old but rudy is screaming a lot right now...i cant reach the remote fast enuf....simmer down...its nite one....

Bro, you know how mics work right?

Rudy Giuliani. U know how mics work right? U dont need to scream this loud bro.

That seemed like a pent-up primal scream from Giuliani, who has imagined himself president since high school.

Twitter went in on Screaming Rudy.

Live look at Rudy Giuliani's speech

It was "The Scream" of 2016.

Sure, everyone's talking about Trump's wife's speech, but Giuliani also clearly stole from The Scream... #RNC2016

Giuliani looks like he's about scream Mariah Carey's greatest hits. #RNCinCLE

Rudy Giuliani getting off on screaming "radical Islamic terrorism." #RNC2016

"My diaper is itchy!!" - Rudy Giuliani

"ARE WE CRAZY?!?!?!" —Exact quote from Giuliani's speech

"ARE WE CRAZY!???" - Giuliani asks crowd redundantly. #RNCinCLE

Giuliani is everyone's crazy uncle.

#Giuliani is what happens when you wake your crazy uncle from nap!

Or a crazy guy on the train.

I've heard this exact Giuliani speech from a crazy guy on the train.

Rudy Guilian-bee

He was definitely persuasive.

So persuasive that in fact...

Rudy Giuliani is going to be the new running mate for Trump by the end of his speech.

Thank you, RNC, for delivering Screaming Rudy. What a gift. And it was only night one!

Rudy watching Melania Trump's speech.