People Are Calling Out This Republican For Crowdfunding His Medical Bills After He Slammed Obamacare

A tweet about Twitter user Sassy Gay Republican's vehicle accident went massively viral.

This is Twitter user Sassy Gay Republican, a 21-year-old pizza delivery driver and Donald Trump supporter from Arizona. He says his Twitter account exists "because #Democrats & the #LGBT community fail to recognize a large number of gay conservatives."

He uses his Twitter account to frequently complain about Democrats forcing people to pay for health insurance, likely referring to the "individual mandate" in Obamacare.

He has also railed against "free healthcare."

And he has protested against "illegals" getting food stamps and free health insurance.

In March, he complained that as a "young adult in perfect health" he was being "forced to pay for insurance I don't want and likely won't need."

On Sept. 12, Sassy tweeted a photo of a damaged car, saying that he got into a three-vehicle accident in Mesa, Arizona.

On Sept. 14, Sassy started a fundraising page to pay for his medical expenses, saying that the hospital didn't accept his insurance and that he couldn't afford the bill with his income as a pizza delivery driver.

"The hospital was a given, & the bill will likely be in the thousands (they didn't accept my insurance)," he wrote on the fundraising page.

Sassy told BuzzFeed News over Twitter DM on Thursday that workers' compensation insurance eventually paid for his hospital bill, including X-rays, shots, and his stay. He added his injuries included, "burns on my hips and some bruising on my thighs chest, and chest."

He told BuzzFeed News he would use the crowdsourced funds possible physical therapy — which he said his health insurance company isn't paying for — "any other potential surprise bills," and for future hospital checkups or doctors visits.

"For those of you who follow my story on Twitter, you know how open I am about my life, & whenever I need help, I always ask," he wrote on the fundraising page. "There's always some guilt for me asking, but right now, I really don't have a choice."

Sassy also mentioned he was having trouble with his health insurance after the accident.

On Wednesday, Twitter user Billy Armagh tweeted screenshots of Sassy's tweets, which went from Sassy declaring he didn't need health insurance as a "young adult in perfect health" to asking people to help him pay for expenses related to the accident. The tweet has since gone massively viral.

A Sassy Gay Republican DRAMA in Four Acts. 🙌🏻

Twitter: @BillyArmagh

(Quick aside here: Armagh's viral tweet contains a set of Sassy's tweets that are apparently about car insurance, not about health insurance, as some people seemed to think.)

Still, people questioned why someone would help Sassy with his medical bills after he complained about not wanting to pay for other people's health insurance.

They called him a hypocrite.

Some people used his example to discuss needing health insurance for unexpected circumstances.

After the tweet went viral, Sassy said he was being bullied and threatened by liberals and haters, forcing him to delete his Facebook account.

He called out celebrities like Chrissy Teigen for retweeting the viral tweet and laughing at his situation "like it's some sort of comedy movie."

He also provided a collision report of the accident to counter allegations that he had made it up and was using photoshopped images.

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed to BuzzFeed News on Thursday that a collision involving three vehicles took place on Sept. 12 in Mesa. The spokesperson said that "no one from the collision was transported to the hospital from the scene."

He could not confirm if Sassy was one of the victims or if the photo of the damaged car was from the collision.

Sassy — who has frequently expressed anti-Muslim sentiment and has perpetuated stereotypes of Mexicans and black people — put out a statement accusing liberals of saying "hateful and vile" things about him online and blamed Democrats for making a "cruel example" out of him.

Sassy told BuzzFeed News on Thursday that the accident and his insurance problems had "definitely not" changed his mind about his complaints against Obamacare. He said "it would have been cheaper not to have health insurance."

"Since Obamacare, my family's premiums have almost tripled," Sassy told BuzzFeed News. He said that his family had to lower their coverage to make ends meet because insurance cost them $20,000 a year.

"$20k is a lot of money and that could have gone towards my college so I could later get a good paying job & pick the plan that works best for me. $20k is more than the cost of accident. It would have been cheaper not to have health insurance, at this rate," he said.

In response to people who called him hypocritical for asking other people to help with his medical expenses, he said Obamacare makes him "feel like I'm stealing from people who are forced to pay into it, even if they don't want to."

"When I ask from friends, family, & my supports, it feels better because they actually want to help me," he said.

Responding to one of his tweets after the accident, where he said he was having "second thoughts" about not having free health care, Sassy told BuzzFeed News that he tweeted that because he was "in total shock" after the accident and "so naturally I turn to victimizing myself." He said he doesn't have "those thoughts anymore."

After this article was published, Sassy reached back out to insist he's been talking about car insurance the whole time, not medical insurance — despite saying in tweets that the hospital wouldn't take his insurance and saying in his GoFundMe page that he needed money for medical bills.

"My health insurance had no reason to pay for the medical coverage cause it's covered in workers comp," he said. "What they're denying is the collision because they told me I was 'on the job. Health Insurance covered my medications. My car insurance was being the issue not paying for the collision."

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