Woman Leaves Racist Voicemail For Black Lecturer After Fox News Segment: "You're Fucking Primates"

In the vitriolic voicemail filled with the n-word, a woman who claimed to be a former probation officer told Jason Nichols, "You belong in Africa where all the jungle monkeys are."

Jason Nichols, a University of Maryland lecturer, appeared on Fox News last week to discuss Columbus Day with Tucker Carlson.

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Nichols, a lecturer at the university's African-American Studies department, argued that Christopher Columbus did not stand for American values and likened him to a terrorist for "killing 250,000 American citizens in two years."

He also said that Columbus "laid the map" for the transatlantic slave trade and was the "first person to take captives across the Atlantic."

The segment prompted several viewers to criticize Nichols on social media, with people calling him an "idiot," a "jackass," and "a lying, agenda-driven" guest.

Nichols also received racist emails from people, some of which he shared publicly on his Facebook page.

A day after the segment, Nichols posted a Facebook live video where he replayed a racist and hateful voicemail that he received from a woman who called black people "niggers," "primates," and "uncivilized," and told Nichols that black people "belong in Africa where all the jungle monkeys are."

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The video has since gone viral with more than 2 million views and tens of thousands of shares on Facebook.

During the nearly 9-minute long racist tirade, the unidentified woman, who claims to be a former probation officer, first attacked Nichols for his Fox News segment on Columbus Day.

"This fucking nigger, you niggers are not gonna be satisfied until you change every fucking piece of shit holiday to nigger day," she said.

In response to Nichols saying Columbus killed thousands of people, the woman said, "What about the sand niggers that got the nigger blood in them? The terrorist, the fucking Syrian Muslim piece of shit ISIS nigger terrorist? I mean how many people do they kill? Fucking camel niggers."

She then accused black people of killing other black people, of child trafficking, and of "looting me on welfare."

"You people cannot live in a civilized society because you're fucking primates and you're uncivilized," the woman said.

She also repeatedly blamed affirmative action for being unable to find a job herself.

"You people are disgusting," she told Nichols. "You don't belong here. You belong in Africa where all the jungle monkeys are."

She also referred to the national anthem protests by NFL athletes.

"All you do is kill each other and kneel down," the woman said. "Get off your fucking knee. You should be kneeling for the security people who are there to help the fucking nigger athletes, who protect them."

"You're disgusting as a race," the woman added. "It's about time you hear it from us white people. A lot of white people feel like I do."

Nichols told BuzzFeed News on Monday that while being called a "nigger" hurt him, what affected him the most were the woman's comments about black people "not being human."

He doesn't usually listen to the voicemails he gets at his office, but when he heard this voicemail, Nichols said he got a "sinking feeling."

While some of the emails he received were racist, "it's totally different when you hear a human voice actually saying these things."

"But the most important thing is that I'm not the real victim here," he said. "The roles she had as a probation officer and an educator, I think about the scores of people whose freedoms she took away, the families she separated, the people whose education she derailed...Those people are the real victims."

Nichols said he posted the voicemail to expose systemic racism in the nation at this "particular historic moment we’re in with the president of the US and the comments he's made."

People like the woman who left the voicemail are "coming out of the woodwork" because "we are living in a country where the president says some of the things he says and does some of the things he does."

"We have to fight back in any way we can," he said.

"If you have seen the despicable verbal attack on #UMD Professor Nichols, please join our community in showing support for him," UMD's president, Wallace Loh, said in a tweet.

Nichols has not filed a complaint against the woman because she appeared to be retired, but added that he would have "absolutely" exposed her if she was still working as a probation officer or educator.

"I think this is bigger than me and it's bigger than her," Nichols said. "This doesn't represent her. It represents a much larger swath of American people."

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