A New Tape Allegedly Shows R. Kelly Sexually Assaulting An Underage Girl

The tape was sent to Chicago prosecutors by lawyer Michael Avenatti.

A new tape that appears to show R. Kelly allegedly sexually assaulting an underage girl has been sent by lawyer Michael Avenatti to prosecutors in Chicago, the attorney said.

The 45-minute-long VHS tape has never been previously seen or used in connection with prior criminal cases involving the R&B singer, Avenatti said in a tweet on Thursday.

In a statement provided to BuzzFeed News, Kelly attorney Steve Greenberg said the singer "denies that he has engaged in any illegal conduct, of any kind whatsoever."

According to Avenatti, the tape appears to show Kelly "engaging in multiple sexual assaults" of an underage girl. He added that the time frame of the alleged sexual assaults seen in the video was within the Illinois statute of limitations.

Avenatti said that he has sent the tape to Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who has previously said that she was "sickened" by the sexual assault allegations detailed in a Lifetime series on Kelly.

The video could lead to Kelly's indictment and arrest soon, the New Yorker reported, citing a law enforcement official.

In response to press inquiries, attached is a stmt regarding our work on the R. Kelly matter since April, including the discovery of new critical video evidence establishing his guilt. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that this predator is brought to justice.

A spokesperson for the state's attorney said Thursday that the office could not "confirm or deny an investigation."

Chicago police refused to confirm or comment on any investigation into Kelly on Thursday, "given the sensitivity and seriousness of the allegations."

Greenberg, Kelly's lawyer, said neither he nor the musician have been contacted by law enforcement.

Avenatti said that his office discovered the tape while representing "multiple clients" in connection with allegations of sexual assault of minors by Kelly.

CNN, which reviewed the tape, reported that the video shows a naked man who appears to be Kelly, performing multiple sex acts with a girl who calls him "daddy" several times.

The acts take place in a living room and a bedroom. Both the man and the girl in the video refer to her as "14-year-old pussy" and the girl refers to her genitalia as 14 years old at least six times in the video, CNN reported.

During the video, the man asks the girl to urinate and after she does, he urinates on her, CNN reported.

In his statement, Greenberg said, "I understand that CNN says that they have seen this video. If the video were what it is claimed to be, by sharing it with CNN Mr. Avenatti would be committing a felony, as would the reporter who viewed it. I doubt if either would put themselves in that position. That combined with other facts that I know lead me to question the reports."

The acts in the video, as described by CNN, are similar to the acts on another tape that led to Kelly's arrest in 2002 and his 2008 trial on child pornography charges.

That 27-minute tape allegedly showed Kelly having sex with, and urinating on, his underage goddaughter at his former home in North Side. The jury acquitted Kelly of all charges. However, he has since faced multiple allegations and lawsuits in relation to the alleged sexual abuse of minors.

BuzzFeed News first revealed in 2017 that police had been told by parents that Kelly was holding their adult daughters in his Georgia home and Chicago recording studio while controlling every aspect of their lives.

Officials in Georgia began investigating the singer last month after Lifetime aired a documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly, that detailed many of the sexual abuse allegations against him.

Greenberg again denounced that documentary on Thursday and said the women who were featured in it were lying. "In this country, people are entitled to presumption of innocence," he said of Kelly.

In January, Foxx said her office had received many calls after the Lifetime series aired.

"I was sickened by the allegations," Foxx told reporters last month, urging anyone with information to come forward.

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