Photos Reveal The Damage Inside Notre Dame Cathedral After The Fire

A massive fire engulfed the world-famous cathedral in Paris on Monday.

Bloomberg / Getty Images

Fallen debris from the burned-out roof structure sits near the high altar.

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Cette plaie béante au cœur de Paris, elle cicatrisera. Par notre générosité. Par notre solidarité. Par cette force qui nous rassemble face à l’adversité et qui fait de nous une grande nation.

Christophe Morin/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Christophe Morin/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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The interior of the cathedral is seen through a doorway.

#Breaking: Newly released pictures from inside the cathédrale Notre-Dame de #Paris. #NotreDame in #France, from this morning showing the extensive damage and the, the Rose window was spared from the fire!

These photos clearly depict the cathedral's interior after the fire — and were widely shared on social media — but it's unclear who first took them.

Philippe Wojazer / AFP / Getty Images

Smoke rises in front of the altar cross at Notre Dame Cathedral.

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Christophe Petit Tesson / AFP / Getty Images

The damaged roof of the cathedral.

Philippe Wojazer / AFP / Getty Images

Flames and smoke rise from the interior of Notre Dame Cathedral.