People Are Mad At This Article Suggesting That Married Couples Should Not Have Daughters

"The Obamas have done OK?"

Back in May, the Economist published an article that looked into data suggesting that couples who had sons were more likely to stay married than those who didn't.

The Economist / Via

The article cited studies by academics and economists which explored the relationship between having sons and marital stability.

The story featured fathers who talked about why it was easier to bond with their sons than their daughters. "I really identify with [my son],” one father said. “He just looks a lot like me, and he’s like me in certain ways. I don’t know how to make a little girl happy the way I fundamentally know how to make a boy happy, so I worry I’m going to somehow screw that up."

Another father complained that he couldn't share his love of baseball with his 8-year-old daughter. "I’ve taken my daughter to ballgames, but she doesn’t really know the difference between basketball and baseball," he said. "If she was a boy, I have this feeling that it would’ve been easier to interest her in those things."

But on Sunday, people became furious when the Economist tweeted this to promote the story: "The key to a successful marriage? Not having daughters."

Many fathers with daughters pointed out that their marriage "is just fine."

Some moms even jumped to their husbands' defense.

Others accused the article of being regressive.

And gender-biased.

People blamed the fathers interviewed in the story for saying they were unable to connect with their daughters.

"This article is about moronic men, not an issue with daughters."

Some tried to rationalize the data behind the story.

But others couldn't get their heads around it.

And people couldn't help but joke about it.

"Shit my mom lied. My parent's divorce really was my fault."

"Ket to successful marriage? Don't marry a sexist asshole."