6 Times Donald Trump Relied On Unnamed "Sources"

Trump said not to believe anything "sources" say about him in the media because unnamed sources "don't exist."

Donald Trump on Friday morning tweeted that people should not believe anything unnamed sources quoted in the media say about him. "If they don't name the sources, the sources don't exist," he said.

He had earlier tweeted, "There are no sources, they are just made up lies."

Here are 6 times Trump has relied on unnamed sources.

1. When an "extremely credible source" told him that President Obama's birth certificate was a fraud.

2. When an "extremely credible source" told him that Obama had bought his house with the help of businessman Tony Rezko.

3. When an "extremely credible source" told him that Obama applied to Occidental as a foreign student.

4. When a "confidential source" told him Obama had added over $6 trillion to the national debt.

5. When he said "sources" inside New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office were "very concerned with the allegations against their lightweight boss."

6. When he first heard the news from "sources" that no charges would be brought against Hillary Clinton.

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