The King Of Saudi Arabia Waited An Excruciating 30 Seconds To Walk After His Golden Airplane Escalator Malfunctioned

Same, King Salman, same.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia is in Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is the first time a Saudi monarch has ever visited Russia.

Now, King Salman travels in style, and one of the many luxuries he enjoys is a custom-made golden escalator that he rides down his private jet because regular airplane stairs are so 2016.

But things weren't always this smooth for the monarch's descent. It was only two years ago, when King Salman had to LITERALLY CLIMB DOWN DUMBASS STEPS from his jet like some poor sucker who doesn't control the world's second-largest oil reserves.

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But as I've always said, why climb, when you can glide? So here is King Salman gliding down this molten mechanism as he arrives in Indonesia in March.

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So smooth. So efficient. So glorious.

But when his golden escalator malfunctioned mid-descent in Moscow on Thursday, did King Salman just take the steps like some hapless peasant???? No, he waited patiently for HALF A MINUTE before walking down because King Limbs do not move until absolutely fucking necessary.

Saudi Arabia king's golden escalator stairs got stuck coming out of his airplane into Moscow in Russia yesterday.

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He just waits...

And waits...

Still waiting...

"I'm just a King, standing before a golden escalator, asking it to move."

Until he's like "hell no" and starts climbing down the stairs like the 81-year-old baller he is.

King Salman — he's just like us!

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