Mitch McConnell Laughed When He Was Called Out For The Senate's Inaction On COVID-19 Relief

"There's nothing funny about 214,000 Americans dying."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was criticized for laughing while being confronted about the Senate's failure to pass coronavirus relief measures during Monday's night debate with his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath.

McGrath, a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, was grilling McConnell for the Senate's failure to pass an additional coronavirus relief package that would have helped millions who are struggling during the pandemic, which has killed more than 214,000 Americans and severely impacted the economy and the job market.

During the exchange, McConnell blamed the Democrat-led House for the inaction, prompting a frustrated laugh from McGrath.

"The House passed a bill in May and the Senate went on vacation," McGrath said.

McConnell laughed in response, setting off waves of criticism on social media.

McGrath was referring to the Senate taking a one-week Memorial Day recess after dismissing a nearly $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill that was approved by the House in May.

"You just don't do that. You negotiate. Senator, it is a national crisis," McGrath said as McConnell continued to smile and chuckle.

"You knew that the coronavirus wasn't going to end at the end of July. We knew this," she said. "If you want to call yourself a leader you've got to get things done. Those of us who served in the Marines, we don’t just point fingers at the other side. We get the job done."

McConnell who still appeared to be amused, then said, "Nobody went on vacation."

McConnell's cavalier response to the Senate's failure to provide economic relief to unemployed Americans struggling during the deadly pandemic provoked outrage from several Democrats on social media.

Trying to figure out what he is laughing about.

FIVE times, @senatemajldr LAUGHED OFF questions regarding COVID during tonight's #KYSen Debate. It's obvious that Mitch McConnell isn't taking this election, COVID, or KY voters seriously.

Amy McGrath won the debate with Mitch McConnell. She didn't laugh at people dying.

McGrath also shared the clip, saying, "there's nothing funny about 214,000 Americans dying."

We're facing a national crisis. There's nothing funny about 214,000 Americans dying.

McConnell’s gleeful laugh when McGrath talks about his failures on COVID is... what pure evil looks like. #Chilling

Wow ... how do Kentuckians keep re-electing someone who drips with so much contempt for them, for their lives and health, and for the elections process? I truly don't get it, Kentucky. Is this your king??

People commented on the "creepy" and "haunting" sound of McConnell's laugh.

Mitch McConnell’s laugh will haunt me tonight 😬😬😬👻👻👻 #MoscowMitch #McGrathMcConnellDebate

McConnell's laugh here is creepy. He's laughing like a cartoon villian.

People also referred to an older clip featuring McConnell's "goblin laugh" that was widely shared on Sunday.

Twice in one week we have been subjected to that weird Mitch McConnell goblin laugh.

In the 2019 clip that went viral again this week, McConnell gleefully laughed about blocking Obama's judicial nominees during his interview with pro-Trump personality Sean Hannity.

“I’ll tell you why, I’ll tell you why.”

McConnell's campaign did not respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

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