Several People Were Arrested And Dozens Hospitalized During A Kenny Chesney Concert

At least seven people were arrested for alcohol-fueled violence and more than 35 were hospitalized for over-intoxication at the country singer's Pittsburgh concert Saturday.

At least seven people were arrested and dozens hospitalized during country singer Kenny Chesney's concert in Pittsburgh on Saturday, authorities said.

Scenes from the aftermath of the @kennychesney tailgate @heinzfield. @TribLIVE #Pittsburgh #KennyChesney

The seven arrests were for "alcohol-fueled violence and other types of misbehaviors," Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay told reporters Sunday.

McLay said the number of arrests was low given the "incredible amount of alcohol being consumed by people, a lot of whom seem to have a hard time controlling it."

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There were also summons arrests, and about seven citations issued, McLay said. "For the number of people and the amount of alcohol, those are low numbers. Largely, they’re low because officers did everything they could to maintain order without having to make arrests," he said.

Around 37 concertgoers were transported to hospitals because of "possible over-intoxication," Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said Sunday.

Dozens of fans were hospitalized at a Kenny Chesney concert this weekend

While emergency medical service personnel saw 99 patients at the concert, no one was seriously injured, Hissrich said.

Dir Hissrich thanks outside agencies 4 help w Chesney concert. Says nothing major occurred tho intox was a problem

At Chesney's 2013 concert in Pittsburgh, 73 people were arrested, 150 injured, and piles of trash left behind.

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