People Are Furious That Johnny Depp Joked About Assassinating President Trump

"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president," the actor asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival in England. He apologized for his comments on Friday.

Johnny Depp has provoked outrage after becoming the latest celebrity to joke about assassinating President Donald Trump.

"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" – Johnny Depp at @GlastoFest 2017

At the Glastonbury arts festival in England on Thursday, Depp asked the audience, "Can you bring Trump here?” provoking jeers and boos from the crowd.

He then said, "You misunderstand completely."

Someone in the crowd yelled, "Just to give him some help and rehabilitation," to which Depp replied, "I think he needs help."

Depp then said, "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to clarify: I’m not an actor. I lie for a living."

In another video shared on social media, Depp added, "However, it’s been a while and maybe it’s time."

Depp, who was on stage to introduce a screening for his film, appeared to be referring to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth, an actor.

According to a New York Times report, the actor, predicting he would get into trouble for his remarks, later said, "By the way, this is going to be in the press and it’ll be horrible. It’s just a question; I’m not insinuating anything."

Depp apologized for his controversial joke on Friday but not before it sparked outrage and criticism of the actor.

Several pointed out that his remarks were poorly-timed as they came in the wake of a gunman opening fire at Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice game in Virginia.

Conservative actor James Woods rebuked Depp for making the joke while House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was in the hospital recovering from being shot at the baseball practice.

In a statement, the White House said it was "sad" that Depp had not followed Trump's lead in condemning "violence in all forms."

WH official sends this response to Johnny Depp comments -->

"I hope that some of Mr. Depp's colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would if his comments were directed to a democrat elected official," the statement said.

People noted that Depp was not the first celebrity to joke about killing the president.

Comedian Kathy Griffin was forced to publicly apologize after appearing in a controversial photoshoot where she was holding a bloody model of Trump's severed head.

Depp’s remarks also come on the heels of backlash to a New York City production of Julius Caesar that featured the assassination of a Trump lookalike.

Conservative news shows like Fox & Friends branded Depp's comments as "disgusting."

Some called for a boycott of Depp's movies.

Other conservatives demanded Depp's management company, Creative Arts Agency (CAA), drop him as a client.

Some people noted that Trump invited musician Ted Nugent to the White House, despite Nugent calling on people to "chop the heads off" the Obama administration before the 2012 presidential election. He also made threats to kill Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2007 and has said they should be "hung" for treason.

An unofficial GOP-affiliated account called on the Secret Service to investigate Depp's comments.

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