John Kasich Can't Stop Eating

Nom nom nomination.

John Kasich spent Thursday at Mike's Deli in the Bronx.

New Yorkers and the media wait for @JohnKasich at Mike's Deli on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx

A feast awaited him.

This ain't Ohio - feast that awaits John Kasich in the Bronx. He has appearance at Mikes Deli on Arthur Ave.

And he made the most of it.

He ate a Kasich special sandwich.

UPDATE: Kasich staff does not order off the regular deli menu, creates "Kasich special" instead

He ate spaghetti.

People stared at him eating.

Owners at Mike's Deli telling @JohnKasich to relax, sit down & enjoy the huge plate of pasta & hero sandwich

But he just ate more spaghetti.

Kasich just got mad at the deli owners for trying to take his second plate of spaghetti away from him

He ate pasta fagioli.

Damn: after downing two plates of spaghetti and half a sandwich, Kasich orders pasta fagioli

He drank wine.

Republican nom nominee.

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