24 People Hospitalized After Heavy Turbulence On JetBlue Flight

The flight from Boston to Sacramento was forced to land in South Dakota after severe turbulence injured at least 22 passengers and two crew members.

At least 24 people were hospitalized after a JetBlue flight experienced severe turbulence Thursday evening, CNN reported.

Rhonda Renee, a passenger on the flight who tweeted a picture of an injured person being tended to on the plane, told CNN that "people were flying out of their seat belts and hitting their head on the ceiling."

"It was very scary," she said.

JetBlue Flight 429, traveling from Boston to Sacramento, was forced to land in Rapid City, South Dakota, where 22 passengers and two crew members were transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Derek Lindahl, a passenger on the flight, tweeted that a woman seated in front of him "was at least 2 ft off the seat" during the turbulence. "I literally grabbed her out of the air to hold her to the seat," he said.

Lady in front of me had no belt on and was at least 2ft off the seat. I literally grabbed her out of the air to hold her to the seat 😳

Lindahl said that a flight attendant who was in the galley during the turbulence suffered from "cuts, neck injury, and concussion" after hitting her head on the ceiling.

Jason Layne, another passenger, said on Instagram that severe weather over South Dakota caused the plane "to drop 100 feet in seconds."

Photos posted by a KCRA3 reporter appeared to show the damage inside the plane.

Facebook: mike.teselle

Lindahl posted a photo of the plane's rear toilet that appeared to be dislodged.

Rear toilet was completely ripped from its housing

JetBlue said it sent personnel to assist the injured and provided a replacement flight to transport the rest of the passengers to Sacramento.

Passengers praised the professionalism of the JetBlue crew and Rapid City's airport staff and emergency personnel.

Yes, it was scary, but professionalism of @JetBlue crew and @RCAirport staff prevented it from being a "horror"

BuzzFeed News has reached out to JetBlue for comment.

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