Here's The World's Most Awkward Three-Way Handshake

Come, friends. Pull up a chair and watch this car crash of a handshake.

U.S. President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto hung out Wednesday at the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa.

Chris Wattie / Reuters

Then this happened.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The most awkward three-way handshake EVER.

Chris Wattie / Reuters

Peña Nieto's hand was just left hanging, Trudeau literally had no idea what he was doing, and Obama looked both confused and as if he were counting down his days left in office.

Pull up a chair and watch this monstrosity in motion.

.@CanadianPM @POTUS & @EPN take a break during #NALS2016 for a quick photo-op in front of #Parliament Hill #cdnpoli

"Stop it. You're making it weird."

"Stop it. You're making it weird." "No, you're making it weird." "Guys..." "Shake my hand!" "Seriously, guys."

"An unstoppable awkward monster."

omfg the three way handshake is an unstopable awkward monster

"The Canadian Handshake."

the canadian handshake makes its global debut

Sure, it seemed awkward and complicated and Canadian...

This is a very complicated handshake

But was it the secret ILLUMINATI HANDSHAKE?!?!

Finally, we now know the #illuminati handshake:

People certainly seemed to think so.

When the crew has a secret handshake

Here's definitive proof.

But was the failed three-way as awkward as this historic handshake between Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro?

White House

*cringes, rolls over, dies*

  1. Which handshake was more awkward?

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Which handshake was more awkward?
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    The bilateral handshake
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    The three-way handshake