Behold The Trump/Pence Logo That's Penetrating The Internet

"A good T in the P is all this election really needed."

After Donald Trump announced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate on Friday, this...interesting Trump/Pence logo appeared in his fundraising email.

Trump and Pence intertwined in this new logo appearing in fundraising email

And people's first thoughts were 🍆🍆🍆

Congratulations to @pentagram on the new Trump🍆Pence logo.

They shared their penetrating thoughts about the art work.

The Trump/Pence logo should be pixellated at the point where the T penetrates the P's hole

"Hey that T is porking the P!"

Twitter reactions to Trump/Pence logo: 1.Looks like fascism 2.It’s cheap and ugly 3.Hey that T is porking the P!

Trump: Mike, check your email. The logo is up! Pence: Umm … Trump: I am in you! Believe me, feels terrific! |

Very few perceived the logo as an innocent, loving gesture.

New Trump logo features Pence's initial giving Trump's initial a hug

Literally everyone else saw it as this:

hey has anyone else noticed the trump-pence logo looks like penetration

And this.

I can't look at the new Trump/Pence logo and not see hands doing this

Also this.

When you turn the Trump/Pence logo upside down, it literally looks like a handjob

"vigorous pencetration"

@Colecperrine @Popehat @jaydeflix @NYTnickc vigorous pencetration

This guy animated the logo to clearly demonstrate how ...excited...Trump is about his VP pick.

Here's the SFW version of the logo.

in case any news outlets want to use the Trump-Pence logo, i made it safe for TV

"A good T in the P is all this election really needed."

A good T in the P is all this election really needed.

"This logo is not welcome in certain Indiana pizzerias."

This logo is not welcome in certain Indiana pizzarias

People analyzed the relationship between Trump and his running...mate.

Trump & Pence already have a *very* close relationship, judging by what the T is doing to the P in this logo

"When two people love each other very much and want to start a campaign together..."

Pence is the power bottom in this relationship

This logo is an accurate representation of what running with Trump is doing to Pence's political career.


"mr trump, governor pence we've brought in the consultants who designed your new campaign logo"

Trump/Pence logo brainstorm: "What do we want people to think when they encounter our logo?" "Loud!" "Big!" "Unapologetic!" "Penetration!"

"Please think of the children."

But how are we going to explain the Trump-Pence logo to our kids? Won't someone please think of the children?