Hillary Clinton Appeared On "Between Two Ferns" And Totally Regretted It

"I really regret doing this." —Clinton

Hillary Clinton appeared on Zach Galifianakis’s Between Two Ferns to talk about possibly being the first "girl president" of the US and about Donald Trump.

This is how the presidential nominee was introduced.

Galifianakis asked Clinton about her experience as "Secretary" and how President Obama liked his coffee: "Like himself? Weak."

He told Clinton he wanted to meet the person who made her pantsuits, "because for Halloween I wanted to go as a librarian from outer space."

They also discussed Trump...a lot.

"When you see how well it works for Donald Trump, do you ever think to yourself, Oh, maybe I should be more racist?" he asked Clinton.

They also discussed what Clinton and Trump would wear to the debates.

Clinton said Trump would wear his "red power tie." Galifianakis suggested, "Or maybe like a white power tie."

Galifianakis ended the interview asking Clinton what was the best way to reach her. "Email?"


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