Hillary Clinton Couldn't Get Through Subway Turnstile, Suffered Like Every New Yorker

The presidential candidate got the true New York subway experience.

Hillary Clinton experienced the daily struggle of New Yorkers when she couldn't get through the subway turnstile during her visit to the Bronx on Thursday.

WATCH: In scene many New Yorkers know well, Hillary Clinton runs into trouble getting through the subway turnstile. https://t.co/hcGj0oz4IJ

Let's break this down, shall we?

It's you and your MetroCard. The train pulls up and there's only that steel barrier between you and your destiny.

You swipe in one confident sweeping motion. Your hand is steady, your breath is even, and you walk smoothly toward the barrier, waiting expectantly for it to rise and let you pass.

It doesn't.

Hmm. No sweat. Let's try this one more time. Maybe a little faster.

Nope. Nothing.

Maybe a little slower...DAMNIT. You feel the cold, seething stares of people waiting behind you. Your pulse quickens. The train stops and the doors slide open...waiting...waiting for you.

You press the card down again, sliding it slowly and forcefully across, and you pray for a miracle.


Panic settles in. Sweat and shame seep through every pore in your body. One final desperate swipe...and YOU'RE THROUGH. VICTORY IS YOURS. YOU CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING THE WORLD THROWS AT YOU. YOU CAN SURVIVE DONALD TRUMP.

The struggle is real.

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