Someone's Heart Was Found In A Ziploc Bag In A Field

What kind of heartless person...wait...never mind. WARNING: This post contains graphic photos of a heart. Like, a heart outside a body.

Police in Ohio are investigating how a heart that is likely human ended up in a ziploc bag in a field.

"From the condition of the heart, it doesn't appear we have a Jack the Ripper type of case going on," Fulton said.

The coroner is testing fluid from the heart to see if it contained any preservatives, which would suggest it came from a hospital or a teaching institution.


After the heart was tested by authorities in October 2016, they determined that it wasn't a human heart.

"It was never determined what type of animal heart it was," Sgt. Jim Fulton of the Norwalk Police Department told BuzzFeed News in Oct. 2017.

"As far as how the heart happened to be where it was found, there is much speculation, but no answer at this point," Fulton said in an email. "I have suspicions, but no evidence of confession. The case is closed as far as I am concerned; we are in the middle of a heroin and opioid epidemic (here and across the country), dealing with overdoses and deaths on an almost daily basis, so unless someone comes in with information the origin of the heart will remain a mystery."

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