People Are Really Relating To This Lone Car Driving The Opposite Direction Of Hurricane Evacuees

"When there's a hurricane but Yeezy's just dropped.."

Officials have been issuing dire warnings urging residents of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas to evacuate as Hurricane Matthew barrels up the East Coast.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott told residents on Thursday, "Time is running out. There are no excuses. You need to leave. ... This is going to kill people."

But on Friday, as Matthew hung off the Florida coast, Twitter user Popular Stranger picked out that one car who appeared to rebel against evacuation warnings.

And thus was born a meme that many of us can probably identify with.

Some things are too precious to be left behind, hurricane notwithstanding.

When you hear there's a hurricane coming but realize you left your @olivegarden pasta pass at home

Would you rather die from a storm surge or from shame?

When you gotta evacuate because of a hurricane but you forgot to clear your browser history

Who are you more afraid of: Mama or Matthew?

When the hurricane coming but you forgot to take the meat out the freezer like your mama asked

There are some things just worth going back for...

When there's a hurricane but Yeezy's just dropped... Tamagotchi.

Bae: come back home Me: can't, Hurricane Matthew is about to hit Bae: you forgot to feed your Tamagotchi Me:

And tree patches.

when there's a class 4 hurricane brewing but u forgot to check your tree patches

Netflix and chill > hurricane.

When there's a hurricane evacuation & bae text "parents gone"...


When you're evacuating for a hurricane but forgot your phone...

We've also been there.

When a hurricane heading towards you but you forgot to lock the back door


You're told to evacuate for a hurricane ... but then you heard the McRib is back.

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