A “Heroic” Doctor Was Shot While Trying To Subdue A Gunman In A Wheelchair

Officials said the Florida doctor managed to subdue the double-amputee patient who opened fire in the veterans hospital emergency room.

A doctor was shot while trying to subdue a double-amputee patient in an electric wheelchair who opened fire in the emergency room of a veterans hospital in Florida on Wednesday night.

Larry Ray Bon, 59, became “disruptive” after he came to the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach for treatment, according to FBI agent Justin Fleck.

Bon, who is missing both his legs from the knee down, was taken to the emergency room for a mental health evaluation at around 6:20 p.m. when he pulled out a small handgun and opened fire.

“During the shooting, in between shots, the doctor saw an opportunity to jump on the suspect and disarm him,” Fleck said at a news conference. The doctor managed to subdue Bon, but was shot in the neck while doing so.

A bullet also grazed a hospital employee who was “minimally injured,” Fleck said.

The doctor was taken to another hospital where he received treatment for the gunshot wound to his neck and was later released. He is not being identified by authorities.

“It was very brave,” Fleck said. “He’s a pretty heroic individual and he probably saved a lot of lives today.”

Authorities believe that Bon, who is originally from Michigan, may be homeless.

He served in the army for over a month in the 1970s, and his double amputation was not believed to be related to his military service, NBC News reported.

Fleck said they identified the suspect to urge anyone who knows Bon to come forward and provide information on who he is and where he lives.

Bon has been taken into custody, officials said.

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