Elizabeth Warren Said She Wants To Cut Open Republicans' Bodies To See If They Have Hearts

Sen. Warren made the comments while criticizing Republicans' position on healthcare.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's comments last week about wanting to "cut open" Republicans' bodies to see if they had hearts have outraged some Trump supporters.

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At an event in Chicago last week, Warren slammed Republicans' efforts to repeal Obamacare. She said they want a more "brutal" health care bill.

She said the GOP's first effort at passing a health care bill failed because it "was not brutal enough for a big chunk of the Republican party."

"God, what planet do they live on," she said.

She then joked, "I hope they leave their bodies to science. I would like to cut them open."

Mouthing the word "heart," she gestured that she wanted to know if they had hearts, suggesting that the Republicans' demands for a more "brutal" bill were heartless.

Her joke was criticized up by some right-wing and conservative outlets, including The Daily Caller and Pamela Gellar's blog.


The outlets published an edited clip of her comments, focusing only on her remarks about cutting Republicans' bodies open, and did not mention that she had suggested that she wanted to see if the Republicans had hearts.

In a longer clip of the video, Warren also added, "I just genuinely do not understand how you could say not brutal enough to knock 24 million people off health care because we need to do bigger tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires."

Some conservative outlets called for her to resign.

Elizabeth Warren: I hope they (Republicans) leave their bodies to science. I would like to cut them open. You sho… https://t.co/erprtMwXkF

Others misinterpreted her comments as an attack on Trump supporters.

And some said Democrats would be outraged if a Republican had made similar comments.